Science & Olympiad Clubs

  • Science and Olympiad Clubs

One of the foremost club activities of Ronaki International School is the Science Clubs. Our aim her to encourage students to discover science in variable way of learning. They thoroughly learn theoretical and practical knowledge at the same time. In other words, they practice in real life what they learn from books. STEM and Project Based Learning methods allow them to do hand on practice in club activities.

In Mad Science Lab Students get familiar with science experiments  throughout the year and  exhibit them at the science festivals at the end of the year. In science festivals, simple scientific experiments are done in order to attract visitors’ attention and to make science fun and enjoyable.


In addition, In Robotic club they learn how to build a robot and its application in real world and exhibit their talent in science project competitions.

Science Olympiads preparation is also very crucial in our school. Students will represent their school and the country in international science Olympiads like FJO , IMO, INPHO, ICHO, IBO etc.



Mad Science Club

Science Project Club