1- Application Process starts when the applicant submits the reference letter (report cards) about the student`s current grade and discipline from the previous school, and ID card.

2- The applicant and the parent fill in the Application Form and get a date for School Admission Test and interview.

3- After the evaluation of the admission test, interview, and student credits, the student will be placed in an appropriate grade.

4- Following notification of acceptance, in order to reserve a place, the registration fee ($300) and the 1st Installment of School Fee is paid at the time of registration.

5- Application process is completed when the Application Form and the Parent-School Contract is filled in full and

signed by the parent or the guardian.

6- The school takes responsibility to organize the education of the student. The responsibilities of the school, students a

and parents are clearly defined in RISE Student-Parent Handbook..

7- List of documents to be prepared when the student is accepted to RISE:

Application form

Applicant’s Birth Certificate or National ID

Passport for Iraqi Citizens

Passport for international students

Father’s Identity: Passport and/or other ID

Mother’s Identity: Passport and/or other ID

Medical Reports if any.

Previous school reports/records (at least last 2 years)

or Transcripts (Certified by the Ministry of Education)

Transfer documents from a local public school (Certified by the Ministry of Education)

Transfer documents from international school (Certified by the Ministry of Education)

6 recent passport photos.

Vaccination records for Grade 1

8- Student’s parent/legal guardian an the student must read and abide by all terms and conditions mentioned in the RISE Student-Parent Handbook.