Sport Clubs


Sport Clubs

In today’s world, it is necessary for our students to be healthy individuals with great self-confidence. Our goal here is to encourage students to discover their talents about any sport and represent their school in all kind of competitions. In RISE, along with academic learning, students’ physical and spiritual health is also enhanced. For this reason, it is important to spend sufficient time for sport activities and for physical education lessons at school.

RISE provide up-to-date facilities where students can join sports activities and show their talents and develop their skills. Due to these activities, students learn values like honest rivalry, team work and cooperation.

In RISE, aside from physical education lessons, there are club activities for football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, karate etc. Our students join these club activities assisted by sport instructors who are experts in their areas.

There are football field, basketball court, volleyball court, table tennis and gymnastic room in our school. Our students prepare for national and international competitions using these facilities in scheduled activities.




Table Tennis

Karate  etc.