Mentoring Program – Guidance and Value (Character) Education


At RISE, mentoring is main pole in our guidance (counselling) system. Dedicated homeroom teachers deal with the enhancement of students emotional, academic and social wellbeing. Our program integrates traditional and international values in a systematic way that students can internalize these values easily.

Our abbreviation, RISE, also refers to Research, Innovation, Success, Excellence in academic skills, Respect, Integrity, Sensitivity and empathy in morality. Our vision and mission statements hold us to keep our promises.

Our Team work with students of all abilities who need help to overcome difficulties that are getting in the way of learning under the supervision of Psychological Counsellor.

All students are valuable and need to be considered as special individual, so our team struggle to bring out the goodness and intellectually development, and wisdom in our students’ characters, and help them to overcome obstacles in front of them.

Our guidance system involves parent involvement in the education process so in need the classroom leaders (homeroom teachers) can communicate with parents in order to improve student abilities and solve their problems.

Our team can help students with

  • Poor attendance
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Failure to achieve their full potential
  • Behavioral and academical difficulties
  • Difficulty getting relationship with other students and school staff
  • Personal problems etc.

So in order to achieve our academic and behavioral goals we arrange, peer guidance (individual target setting, supportive framework, home visits etc.), trips, assemblies, parent meetings and conferences, seminars and other related activities.

         Psychological Support

Our psychological counseling service team has meeting with students and their parents when necessary. All kind of problems are being discussed in privacy with students and parents. The later performance is followed by our PCS.

         Value and Character Education Program

In our school, traditional and international values are combined together to adapt our students to the world. Guidance programs give them opportunity to internalize those values.