Cell phone Policy

Cell Phone Policy

Use of cell phones in school premises can be disruptive to the educational environment and is not acceptable.

Contact with parents in the event of illness or other urgent matter will be managed through the school office after a student has been referred to or attended by the school doctor for treatment or assistance.

The use of cell phones on school premises is prohibited. Cell phones are submitted to the school guard in exchange for Cell Phone Delivery Card. The  cell phones are not given back unless the card is submitted to the school guard during dismissal. Whether the student loses the card, the cell phone is given only when the parent comes and confirms the ownership.

 Exceptions will be made for medical or emergency situations with consultation and approval by administration. School and staff are not responsible if a student’s mobile telephone is stolen or lost. If a student is caught using the cell phone and refuses to hand it over to the teacher or administrator, the student will be referred to the Discipline Committee.

Any form of picture taking can be considered an invasion of personal privacy; therefore before students take any pictures of the building, staff or students, permission must be obtained from the

Administration.  Permission must also be gained before the image can be used in any way. Violation of

this policy will result in disciplinary measures. Standard policies on offences:

  • First offense: Confiscation for a week
  • Second offense: Confiscation for a semester
  • Third offense: Confiscation till the end of academic year

It is the school policy to suspend the students if found involved in recording, distributing, or uploading inappropriate images or videos of other students, parents, or staff on school premises or on trips.

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