Accreditation and Collaborations

Accreditation and Collaborations


   We are delighted to announce that Ronaki International School-Erbil (RISE) is fully accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). The institution has earned Premier status with ASIC for its commendable areas of operation.

   Accreditation is a quality assurance process and an international protocol for institutions committed to systemic, systematic and sustainable improvement. It builds capacity of the school to increase and sustain student learning, and stimulates and improves effectiveness and efficiency throughout the school.

   This is a verification that our school has complied with ASIC quality standards.  ASIC Accreditation is an internationally renowned quality standard for schools, colleges, universities and online learning providers.

   ASIC has been formed to bring independent information to both the student population and the wider Higher Education world, through its international accreditation service with well-defined and objective benchmarking.

   Accreditation through ASIC helps students and parents make a more informed choice and also helps a school, college, university, training provider or distance education provider, demonstrate to the international student body that they are a high quality institution.

   ASIC international accreditation allows students to gain a realistic and honest picture of what an institution is really like in terms of quality, resources, student support and ethics.

   Ronaki Hawler Education Company, RISE governing body, leadership team and faculty value and appreciate the support and cooperation of our parents and commit to take the responsibility to continue working hard to gain full accreditation and sustain this performance and improve it further.