Health and Safety


  1. Parents are kindly asked to ensure that the medical information form is filled out at the beginning of each academic year and this information is accurate and updated.
  2. The school employs a full time doctor or nurse on campus. The school doctor will take care of minor injuries and will send a note to parents describing the injury and the action taken.
  3. Bringing any medication to school is not permitted. If medication must be administered to your child during school hours please notify the school.
  4. Only the school doctor shall administer medication.
  5. The school assumes no responsibility for any adverse reaction caused by a medication sent by parents.

Visiting School Doctor

Students cannot see doctor in the session times unless it is an urgent case. It should be in the break times, preferably long break times. In urgent cases, assistant principal’s confirmation is required. After visiting doctor, students need to have the medication slip sealed by assistant principal.


We highly recommend that the student should be kept at home if he/she is sick. This precaution is for the sick student to recover and to ensure that other students stay healthy. Parents need to inform the school office for their students to be excused. For severe cases, which result in long-term absences, parents must bring a doctor report.

Health Screening

Regular hygiene and hair checkups will be conducted. Parents will be notified of any health or hygienic issue detected. In case a student needs home treatment, parents need to take the responsibility of the treatment, and students will not be allowed during treatment time according to school doctor’s decision.

      P.E. Participation

Physical education helps develop children’s gross motor skills and maintain a healthy body, positive attitudes and congeniality. Any student who is unable to participate in a physical education (P.E.) session must bring a note signed by a doctor giving reason for their non-participation.

      Medical Emergency

When a child needs hospital attention, school will call the parents to get approval for medical intervention. In case the school cannot reach the parent, school will accompany the child to the hospital upon the recommendation of school doctor.