Attendance Policy

  • Attendance Policy


Attendance at school is compulsory. Regular and prompt attendance is crucial for maintaining a satisfactory academic level. Irregular attendance and unnecessary absence deter the child’s ability to learn and make it more difficult for students and instructors alike due to the missed instructional time, discussions, and activities.

  • Parents are responsible for regular and punctual attendance of their children. Family vacations should not overlap with the school’s instructional calendar.
  • Students who are not enrolled at RISE are not permitted on campus at any time unless they have been registered as official guests.
  • A child is considered late for school if he or she is not in the classroom by 7:45 a.m. ready to begin the school day.
  • Students arriving school after 8:30 a.m. won`t be allowed to attend school under any circumstances.


An Excused Absence/Tardy includes:

  • Documented illness or injury (to be submitted to the office within a week)
  • Bereavement/family funeral
  • Extraordinary family circumstances (excused at the discretion of the administration)

Examples of unexcused absences are as follows:

  • Oversleeping
  • Personal business
  • Missing a ride/the bus
  • Work
  • Car Trouble
  • Skipping
  • Family vacations
  • Undocumented absences
  • Non-emergency family situations

Family Vacations

Family vacations are strongly discouraged when school is in session. In addition to compromising the attendance regulations, family vacations interrupt the educational process in each subject area in ways that make-up work cannot reverse. Teachers are not required to provide work in advance of a family vacation.

  • The administration shall evaluate the situation, then accept or refuse such requests. Absences that are not approved will be recorded as unexcused absence. The student is then required to make up all the missed schoolwork during his/her absence. Parents/student will be responsible for ensuring that the child has completed the missed schoolwork.
  • If the child exceeds the maximum allowed absence days, 30 days (10 unexcused + 20 excused) for Middle & High School students per academic year, and the period of absence is not approved, the child will not be promoted to the next grade and/or his/her re-enrollment for next year will be in jeopardy.

Missed Work


Student who comes late enters the class for first period until 10 min is being reported late. After 10 min. student will be recorded as absent. For other periods students will be considered as tardy until 3 min; after 3 min they will be considered as absent.  3 times tardiness will be half day absence, 3 absences for any lessons will be a day absent. After the fifth time a student is late to school) in the same month, he/she will be sent back home after each tardiness, and it will be considered as suspension so demerit will be given for the missing assignments. Parents have the responsibility to inform the school in case of excusable incident occurrence and to follow student’s attendance/tardiness status via online school management system.


A student is tardy when he/she is not in his/her assigned seat or station when the bell rings after breaks. A student’s tardiness shall not be excused unless there is approved excuse by Assistant Principal. Tardy students will be deducted of their participation grade starting from 20% and may reach up to % 100 depending on length and frequency of tardiness. Students who form a habit of being tardy to classes will have further discipline consequences at discretion of the Discipline Committee.


  • Academic Probation

Students who failed a class are put in “Academic Probation” period after a meeting with the student and the parents and signing “Academic Probation” contract. Academic Probation period entails close supervision by parents and RISE academic departments, remedial classes, and other follow-up programs to improve the student’s academic level along with attitude towards school’s academic policies and activities.

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