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The main objective of the Ronaki Hawler Education Company is to raise awareness on today’s scientific and technological progress, to enhance investigative ability of the school children, and to provide opportunities to apply skills and creativity within them to explore solutions for the variety of contemporary issues.

More than 225 students aged 17 and under, from 10 leading private and public schools in the region have exhibited their projects in this event.
We are so proud of all the students and supervisors who participated and worked so hard to represent their schools. It was exciting to see the creativity and the innovation of young inventors.
The event drawn the attention of many visitors from parents, students and community members.

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Project Title Student Name Student Name Medal Field
Asprin With Plants Danya Ahmed Ibrahim GOLD Biology
The  Mystery Of Codes Sana Firas Ahmed Sama Khalid Fadhil GOLD Math
Anti-Bacterial Activities Of Nut Sedge Niveen Ahmad Jenne Baha SILVER Biology
Fruit Preservation By Natural Products Zheen Affan Osman[ Helin Ramazan Yousif SILVER Biology
The Safe Treament Sana Muqdad Mawlood Jumana Waleed Izzet SILVER Biology
Finding The Gcf Visually, Without Calculation Sadan Azam Shanya Rasber SILVER Math
Natural Fertilizer Lava Abdulwahid Hussein BRONZE Biology
Recycling Waste Materials Zin Isamaddin Shene Soran BRONZE Biology
The benefit of dried fig in olive oil. Lana Sherzad Azeez Farzin Farhad Hamid BRONZE Biology
The Forgotten Fact Depression Role in Provoking and Progressing Cancer Hazha Abdulkerim Roza Barzan BRONZE Biology
Secret Of Pascal Triangle Gona Goran Gawhar BRONZE Math
Easy Designs By Simple Geometry Nirozh Sidiq Mohammad BRONZE Math
Divisibility By Prime Numbers Teeba Othman Esmat BRONZE Math
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