• Curriculum

Ronaki International School-Erbil (RISE) offers students American and International educational traditions, as well as the benefits of access to the rich culture and heritage of Kurdistan, Iraq.

RISE offers a mix of curricular and co-curricular activities, with a wide variety of programs that meet the needs and interest of its students.

The school has collaboratively developed and continues to implement curriculum based on clear measurable learning goals. The curriculum is aligned to the Common Core standards and benchmarks. Curriculum guides contain learning objectives that are aligned to the standards and teachers use them to plan their daily instruction in the classroom. The curriculum is endorsed with rich and various online resources and online libraries.

RISE offers a rigorous, well-balanced course of study. Educational materials used are selected for their viability in the American curriculum and adaptability to the local environment. Instructional materials are compiled from a wide variety of sources, including Harcourt School Publishers and are aligned to curriculum standards used throughout the three school departments.

The school believes the Language Arts/Literacy program to be the base for all learning. The importance of reading fluently, writing expressively, listening effectively, and speaking masterfully cannot be overstated. To achieve mastery in these areas, students are given many opportunities to practice.

In order to prepare students to responsibly participate in and contribute to contemporary society as informed, aware, active, and caring citizens, they must be proficient in the use of the native language of the country. Thus Kurdish and Arabic are included among the  core subjects and the school complies fully with all KRG Ministry of Education rules, regulations, and instructional protocols.

Students are also given a choice of Second Language apart from English from grade 4 through grade 12.

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